The Dancer

The Dancer

My ex-wife and I had a pretty tepid sex life for the
most part. She came when I ate her, but didn’t seem to
care whether or not I did eat her. She hated swallowing
cum, so the blowjobs were infrequent and far from
perfect. Fucking was not really of much interest to

She did have nice tits which she would let me fuck. She
would hold them together with my cock in between. The
pre-cum from my cock has always flowed plentifully, and
that was all the lube I needed. When I came I would
shove forward as far as I could, the way you do when
you cum into a cunt, pressing hard to bury it deep. The
head of my cock would appear between the top of her
tits and my cum would splash on the underside of her
chin, pooling in the crease of throat and shoulders,
overflowing around the sides of her neck as my cock
softened between her full tits.

Her cunt was tight, I’ll say that. I could barely
squeeze it all the way in before I was ready to shoot
my load. My cock is about average length, but pretty
thick. I could always hit bottom with her, and could
feel the tip of my cock pushing into the folds of her

Partly because of my cock’s girth and partly because of
the same Catholic inhibitions that kept her from
swallowing, she wouldn’t consider anal. For years, I
tried everything to talk her into it. One time, though,
I squeezed into her ass. This is the story of that

We were on vacation in the Caribbean. There were lots
of hot women in small suits on the beaches. I was
constantly overheated and on the verge of springing an
embarrassing boner while we strolled along the beach.

One afternoon we were walking along the edge of the
beach and passed a couple lying naked on a blanket. The
woman had long black hair and a smooth, tanned back.
Her waist was narrow and her legs long and slim. She
was on her stomach, with her legs together. You
couldn’t really see much, except her heart-shaped ass
and the sides of her tits. He was on his back, fully
exposed to the sun, sleeping. His cock was more than
half erect, long and thin, with a foreskin that
partially covered the head.

I quietly indicated their exposure to my wife, who
tried to ignore the sight. As we passed I whispered
about them, verbalizing the fantasies in my own head. I
suggested that the state of his cock looked like they
might have just had sex or might be about to. She
seemed somewhat receptive to my idle speculation, so I
kept going. I had a hard-on, thinking about the two of
them fucking.

I surmised that if he rolled over he might roll on top
of her and that his cock might slide into her ass
before she even knew it was happening. I noted that his
cock was thin and might fit just fine. She laughed and
told me I was crazy, but I glanced back over my
shoulder, half expecting to see him sodomizing her on
the beach.

We had dinner and a few drinks that night and went to
bed at a reasonable hour. My wife slept naked, which
drove me crazy when I was horny, as I was that night. I
fell asleep with a hard-on and my sleep was occupied
with sex dreams.

I dreamt about the couple on the beach. I was that guy.
The dream was really vivid. I was lying next to the
naked woman with the long dark hair and I was half
asleep. My earlier fantasy of him rolling over and
fucking her in the ass was a real possibility in my
dream. In my dream I knew that my fantasy partner
wouldn’t mind. All that afternoon, I had imagined that
the two of them had done that many times and that she
liked his cock in her ass.

So, in my dream, I rolled over so that my cock nudged
between the buttocks of my dream babe. I pushed forward
and hit solid flesh. I dreamt of sliding my cock
between the sun-lotioned cheeks of her ass until it was
pointed at her tight opening. I got it squared to the
hole and then slid forward. I dreamt of the taut
muscles stretching open.

My black-haired beauty squirmed and protested a little
as I pushed forward. The head popped past the sphincter
and she squealed and then lay still. I fucked the head
of my cock through the ring. The tightness was
exquisite on the head of my cock. I didn’t go very deep
before my cock started pumping jizz into her skintight
ass. Two, three, close to ten spurts fired into her
hot, snug butt before my dream cock wilted and I rolled
back onto the beach in a contented sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I noticed that my cock
was sore and that there was dried cum on my stomach. I
figured I’d had a nocturnal emission. I remembered my
dream and how vivid it was. My cock started hardening.
I reached over and touched my wife’s naked ass. As I
did, she said, somewhat curtly, “You did a number on
that last night.”

I thought about my dream, it had seemed so real. Had I?

I told her about my dream and she said, “That wasn’t a
dream. I tried to stop you but you just kept going.”

I was stunned; I had cum in my wife’s ass and had slept
through it. My cock was hard as a rock as I reached
between her ass cheeks and felt the distinctive texture
of cum on the tight opening of her ass.

“Are you okay,” I asked.

“I was pretty pissed off at first, but it wasn’t so bad
since you didn’t go in very far and you didn’t last
very long.”

I rolled over on top of her, my cock nestling between
her ass cheeks.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“I want to try it again, while I’m awake,” I said. I
slid the tip of my cock, already dripping with pre-cum,
against the tiny opening of her ass.

“I don’t think you…” she managed to say before I slid
my cock forward and started to stretch her opening a

I pressed harder, but my cock didn’t slide in, it only
indented the flesh of around her anus. My cock oozed
pre-cum which spread out over the tip of my cock and
into the pore of her asshole.

“Seriously, Joe, stop it.”

I was hard as a rock, remembering the feeling of her
asshole, stretched like a doubled-over rubber band
around the head of my cock. I was horny to the
exclusion of all else. I kept pressing and the ring
started stretching over the spongy wet tip of my dick.

She started to squirm and to grunt in outrage. I
pressed a little harder and her wiggling twisted her
ass-ring over the tip of my dick, the pre-cum and last
night’s jizz helping my cock slide in just a bit.

She screamed and struggled again, this time her
movements were enough so that the head of my cock
wedged open her hole. The swollen head of my cock
popped all the way in, her anal ring stretched over the
crown and ended up clamped behind the corona of my

She froze and groaned. I held still. I was near
shooting my load already. She moaned, “Get it over
with” in resignation. I was happy to accept that half-
serious invitation.

I slid back slightly, pulling some pre-cum and jizm
along with me. With that extra lube on the outside of
her hole I was able to push forward a little further on
the in-stroke. I was now about an inch past the crown
and about a third of my cock was in her ass.

This was as far as I’d gotten in my dream. In the dream
I’d ridden the sensitive part of my cock in and out of
the super tight opening of her ass which brought my
anxious cock to a fast ejaculation. I wanted to see
what it was like in deep while I had the chance, so I
pushed my luck.

I slowly wiggled my cock in and out, bringing cum from
last night further up my shaft so that more and more of
my cock could squeeze through the opening. Pre-cum was
pouring out of the tip of my cock, providing ample lube
for my cock head to push forward as the pumping wet
more of the shaft of my cock with last night’s fountain
of jizm.

I wiggled my dick forward an eighth inch at a time. She
groaned as I slowly slid my cock two inches, three
inches, four inches into her ass. I felt the ring of
her anus approach my pubes a little at a time as the
head of my cock explored the hot, soft insides of her
ass. Finally, I felt her lower ass-cheeks squashed
against my balls as the ring of her ass pinched the
base of my cock.

I had almost come when I was driving into her asshole,
but the inner depths weren’t as tight around my cock-
head. They felt loose and hot while her asshole acted
like a cock-ring around the base of my cock, causing it
to swell to painful hardness and size deep in her ass.

I began to fuck her in short, one-inch strokes. The
light friction of her loose inner ass, slick from last
night’s huge load and my free flowing pre-cum were
enough to keep me on the edge without triggering my

I kept a slow in-out rhythm, lengthening my strokes.
She whimpered and occasionally said “ouch, oh, Jesus”
as I fucked her. My strokes lengthened to the point
where the flange of my cock grabbed her anal ring and
pulled it back on the outstroke. On the in strokes I
could feel the hotness of her inner ass on my cock-head
as her asshole pressed against my pubic hair and my
balls which were retracting in preparation for delivery
of another record cum load.

I was getting near the point of no return. I continued
the long slow strokes. Once I pulled back too far and
the flange of my cock went past her sphincter. The
slickness squeezed my cock-head out of her ass for a
second before I slowly slid it back through the ring of
her ass. It wasn’t quite as hard to slide in now, but
it was still dammed tight.

I sped up my fucking until I could feel my climax
start, I slid into her ass as far as I could go as my
cock swelled with a first dry spasm and my balls
tightened to delivery the first wad of jizz.

My cock-head must have really swelled up because she
exclaimed “Ouch,” with each spurt of my cock. In spite
of my load the night before, I pumped a pint of sperm
up her ass. Ten times my cock swelled and fired deep
into her butt. Ten times she squeaked, “Ow,” as the
cock-head stretched her rectum and squirted hard spurts
of cream deep into her colon.

I lay on top of her as my cock shrunk, slimy with two
loads of jizz. Her ass was still tight, in spite of the
stretching, and spit my cock out as it lost all its
hardness, completely sated.

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